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➜ Swallows&Daggers | Craig Chazen Interview

Craig “Boxcar” Chazen shares a good perspective on tattooing. Read and ponder, it’s well worth your time. 

➜ Fan entitlement is slowly killing punk   

Worthwhile read, important thoughts

➜ Reinvent Yourself


Very worthwhile read, read it twice! Reblogged from one of my favorite artists right now, who makes music under the name White Poppy. Check out her self titled album and then the rest. It helped me a lot during these past months. 
➜ PBS: Arts in Context | A Moving Canvas |

PBS-documentary about tattooing. Not really the part of the culture that’s most interesting to me, but still worth a watch. 

➜ Fejkbiljett för Android, FAQ

Ridin’ dirty

➜ Jesse Jacoby - Raw Cure: Healing beyond medicine

I finished this book today. Very much recommended to anyone interested in vegan raw food and the health benefits compared to a traditional western diet. Jesse teaches you a lot and it was a truly inspirational read. No recipes in this one but that you will find all over the net or in other books. Read it!

➜ En fascists bekännelser | Politisk Filosofi

Karim Jebari förklarar fascismens väsen och dragning på folk. Intressant grepp och bra idé. Know your enemy

➜ Freunde von Freunden — Nor Toma

This might be a bit to nerdy for most people but here is an article about Nor Toma who has a pretty famous boyfriend, the tattooer Jonas “Uggli” Nyberg (Kosmos Tattoo, previously Göteborg Classic Tattooing). For the stalker-type tattoo enthusiasts who wants insight into this guys life it’s interesting to read about Nor and see their home. 

➜ photos by Brandon Stanton

For those days when I doubt humans and hate everyone. A reminder that people are fantastic


I noticed that a lot of people liked the tattoos by Max Kuhn that I posted. I also got 8 new followers over night, welcome! Here is a very nice interview with Max, well worth looking into. I hope to get something palm sized from him one day, seems like a good guy. 

Edit: and also I just passed 6000 posts on this blog. Congratulations to me!


Nice torrent site for leftist material

➜ Inomkritik: en guide

Judith Kiros pratar om den senaste tidens rasism-snack i media och varför jag inte är Jason, och varför folk inte ska hata på folk som säger det

Här kommer en till, färskare, text om den stora demonstrationen i Kärrtorp igår 22/12 - 13 och varför inte liberalerna hajar grejen, och hur vi bör förhålla oss till det:
Vad Gudrun Schyman lärde mig, av Kawa Zolfagary

➜ Hur man gräver en grop åt sig själv i fem enkla steg

 Kommunpolitikern Göran Jonzon krånglar till det för sig själv och visar vilken idiot han är

➜ Vem är främling

Karim Jebari reder ut begreppen rasism och främlingsfientlighet. Bli skolad, tok!

➜ Mr X

I suppose most people have seen this all ready but I am posting it for those of you who haven’t. Into You-tattooer Duncan X speaks about his life in this filmed and animated short. Really really fascinating.